why i got hair extensions + how to maintain them

Helllllllo ladies!! Happy whatever day you’re reading this!

I’ve been getting a lot of q’s and dm’s about my new extensions and wanted to write a blog post all about my experience so far! As most of you have probably seen on my Instagram, about a month ago I got extensions at Elle B Salon in Jefferson Park, Denver by the lovely, Jaimie Garcia. First off, let’s chat about Elle B. My overall experience in this salon is always above and beyond. They offer you wine, beer, tea, coffee upon checking in and are so attentive.

apple watch series 4 review

I have been (jealously) eyeing everyone with an Apple Watch for well over a year now. I always thought I was someone who didn’t need another tech accessory or the whole world on my wrist. But after a week of using my Apple Watch (i have the 40mm in rose gold), I gotta say I am OBSESSED. It’s way more than just a convenience or an accessory, it truly has become a necessity for me!

decorate your home for fall under $100

If you have even glanced at Instagram lately, you’ll notice ever blogger/influencer showcasing their fall home decor. I have to admit, it’s got me SO excited to decorate our new home for fall! So I thought today I would round up all the things you can grab to decorate your home for the season, too! And all under $100 combined.

the most magical denim for fall

It’s that time of year again! DENIM SEASON (aka Fall). I probably avoid wearing pants/leggings as long as I can. I absolutely loath the feeling of being constricted but have come to realize that a good pair of denim shouldn’t feel that way. Investing in quality over anything is my top priority these days, so if you’re looking for some good pair of denim to last you for years to come, I’ve got you covered!

what i learned in a year of living together + big announcement!

So as we approach October (woah, already?), I have realized that Noah and I will have survived a whole YEAR of living together, which is so crazy to think about! It honestly feels like we just moved in together after spending over a year apart. (If you want long distance tips, comment below!) During this time we spent the year getting to know life in downtown Denver as well as getting to know each other more too. We learned how to be roommates and respect each other’s space and discovering our needs, wants and spending LOTS more time together (which of course I love, but it also presents new challenges). Overall, this past year has been quite the adventure, filled with so many blessings, but is just the start to something beautiful.

what to wear to work

What better day to write a post about style at the office than a Monday? And what better time to write this post than the day before I start MY NEW JOB? 

Whether you have your brand new job (or internship) or you're just sick of wearing the same things over and over and over (guilty) I am hoping to inspire you to feel motivated and ready to strut your stuff in the workforce! Rule numero uno is always; It's always better to be over dressed than under dressed.

how to ace a job interview

I posted recently on the ‘gram that I just landed a new job as a Digital Designer! (yay)

But something that I always stress over is the interview process. I think I can build a pretty good resume, cover letter and can make myself sound good on paper. But being grilled in front of a group of people just feels soooo uncomfortable!

monday realness: 3 ways to help with anxiety

let's be real

I posted yesterday on instastories how my anxiety/depression takes over my mind A LOT. and it got me thinking how more and more people are talking about anxiety and how it effects the way we work, act and live our lives. I think it's interesting too how it seems to hit us all as we become adults. Whether it's around socializing, succeeding or just trying to be perfect, it's become a huge struggle for most adults.