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prioritizing date night + denver date night ideas

From the moment Noah and I started to get to know each other we made dating a priority. Of course when you’re dating, “dating” is a must. You don’t live together, you try to impress each other so naturally you get out and do fun things together! But when you move in together you think technically every night alone together will be a ‘date night’! You don’t have to work super hard to find time alone together when you live together. But as life starts to enter your relationship and romance takes a back seat, we’ve realized how important this “us time” is for our relationship.

what i learned in a year of living together + big announcement!

So as we approach October (woah, already?), I have realized that Noah and I will have survived a whole YEAR of living together, which is so crazy to think about! It honestly feels like we just moved in together after spending over a year apart. (If you want long distance tips, comment below!) During this time we spent the year getting to know life in downtown Denver as well as getting to know each other more too. We learned how to be roommates and respect each other’s space and discovering our needs, wants and spending LOTS more time together (which of course I love, but it also presents new challenges). Overall, this past year has been quite the adventure, filled with so many blessings, but is just the start to something beautiful.

house buying tips + tricks

EXCITING NEWS: In case you aren’t on social media, Noah and I are on the hunt for our first house! 

Now this is my first time having even considered buying a home (working for Whole Foods doesn't get you a whole lotta dough to save for one...) and I honestly had no idea what this process even looked like. It is nothing like finding an apartment. 

our engagement story

how we met

I love telling people this because it’s definitely out of the ordinary! I was sweating hard in the gym when an old flame invited me to his rugby game. I was a little reluctant but I used to play rugby in college and loved the sport. I eventually agreed and as I drove up to my house he was already there. I had no time to shower or change and lived in Florida at the time so naturally, I was very sweaty. I threw on a baseball cap to cover my hair and jumped in his car. Once we arrived at the game I was trapped in a sea of athletic men (que insecurity about my smell and lack of makeup!)