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prioritizing date night + denver date night ideas

From the moment Noah and I started to get to know each other we made dating a priority. Of course when you’re dating, “dating” is a must. You don’t live together, you try to impress each other so naturally you get out and do fun things together! But when you move in together you think technically every night alone together will be a ‘date night’! You don’t have to work super hard to find time alone together when you live together. But as life starts to enter your relationship and romance takes a back seat, we’ve realized how important this “us time” is for our relationship.

how to pack for a winter vacay in a carry on

I feel like every time I pack for a winter trip I am just set up to fail. I can get about two pairs of jeans, one sweater and one pair of boots and then I have NO room. At all.

So … I’m going to try to give you the best tips I have for winter carry on packing! I’m going to Boston for 4 days and I it WILL be cold.

boulder adventures + my boulder recs

If you take a peep at my instagram, it’s pretty obvious that Noah and I are live in Denver, Colorado. I mean we’re kind of obsessed with this state. But when I had originally wanted to take a leap of faith and move 2,000 mi away from home, I wanted to be in Boulder, Colorado. There was just something so magical about this place and the towering mountains right next to the city. Thankfully we aren’t too far and still frequent the city and mountains once or twice a month.

what to wear to fall and winter weddings

A few weeks ago I was able to attend one of my childhood best friend’s weddings back in Florida and it was such a treat being home (and out of the cold!) The dress worn above is from Lulu’s and I just love how affordable and versatile it is! It can be worn so many different ways depending on body type or how you’re feeling that night. I actually bought it as a bridesmaid but it is always my go-to dress for fall weddings!

apple watch series 4 review

I have been (jealously) eyeing everyone with an Apple Watch for well over a year now. I always thought I was someone who didn’t need another tech accessory or the whole world on my wrist. But after a week of using my Apple Watch (i have the 40mm in rose gold), I gotta say I am OBSESSED. It’s way more than just a convenience or an accessory, it truly has become a necessity for me!

the most magical denim for fall

It’s that time of year again! DENIM SEASON (aka Fall). I probably avoid wearing pants/leggings as long as I can. I absolutely loath the feeling of being constricted but have come to realize that a good pair of denim shouldn’t feel that way. Investing in quality over anything is my top priority these days, so if you’re looking for some good pair of denim to last you for years to come, I’ve got you covered!