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how to ace a job interview

I posted recently on the ‘gram that I just landed a new job as a Digital Designer! (yay)

But something that I always stress over is the interview process. I think I can build a pretty good resume, cover letter and can make myself sound good on paper. But being grilled in front of a group of people just feels soooo uncomfortable!

monday realness: 3 ways to help with anxiety

let's be real

I posted yesterday on instastories how my anxiety/depression takes over my mind A LOT. and it got me thinking how more and more people are talking about anxiety and how it effects the way we work, act and live our lives. I think it's interesting too how it seems to hit us all as we become adults. Whether it's around socializing, succeeding or just trying to be perfect, it's become a huge struggle for most adults.

monday realness: being you in a world of labels

So yesterday I posted an instastory making breakfast with eggs and cow's yogurt and it got me thinking how I had called myself vegan for so many years. While I really enjoyed the good that comes with that label; like bettering the environment and having less blood on my hands, I found that it didn't do a whole lot of good on my mental state. The pressure to live up to the label and restrict myself kind of caused a whole new counter attack on my mind that I wasn't expecting. So many things became a "No, I can't have that" instead of a balanced "I'd prefer if I didn't" 

monday realness: insecurity + how i deal

Well, here's post #1 of a new series I want to start "Monday Realness"

I wanted to start this blog for many reasons and one of them was to relate to women and be open in a world where everyone is trying to be something they aren't. So in this space I will be open and honest and invite others to relate to common struggles we all face in today's social media-filled world. So enter our first topic: