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why i got hair extensions + how to maintain them

Helllllllo ladies!! Happy whatever day you’re reading this!

I’ve been getting a lot of q’s and dm’s about my new extensions and wanted to write a blog post all about my experience so far! As most of you have probably seen on my Instagram, about a month ago I got extensions at Elle B Salon in Jefferson Park, Denver by the lovely, Jaimie Garcia. First off, let’s chat about Elle B. My overall experience in this salon is always above and beyond. They offer you wine, beer, tea, coffee upon checking in and are so attentive.

10 facial products for the low maintenance babe

Among the COUNTLESS things you learn in 26 years, one thing I’ve come to learn is how to take care of my skin. Over are the days of piling on the black eye liner and being too lazy to wash my face before bed.  (It was literally a miracle I never broke out for doing this daily) 

To today: more facial masks, cleansers, oils and way wayy wayyy less make up.