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my simple travel tips to relieve anxiety

my simple travel tips to relieve anxiety

Travel With Anxiety

I honestly can’t believe the last time I traveled was July… Definitely going to have to change that in 2019! While I may not travel very often right now, I do know a lot of tips and tricks to keep myself feeling my best and less anxious while flying to a new destination whether that be home or Mexico… hopefully next time it’s Mexico. But I want to help you never use “travel” as an excuse, ever again. Below are all the issues that I’ve faced, and exactly how to solve them!

  1. avoid plane + airport food

    It might take a bit of planning, but your body will thank you! Being bloated and stuck in a chair for hours is the worst feeling. If you can, fast on the plane or just stick to bringing really light foods that you know make you feel good inside and out! I love love GG Crackers with half an avo or almond butter as well as some easy bars like RxBars, No Cow and Larabars.

  2. 2 plant-based meals a day

    It can be really easy to eat pancakes for breakfast, a sub for lunch, and pasta with wine for dinner while traveling. To avoid carb-overload aim to have 2 plant-based meals a day, this way you’re still getting your nutrients in but able to enjoy yourself while out and about! A better example would be: coconut yogurt with berries for breakfast, a big salad with protein for lunch, and a slice of pizza or two at dinner.

  3. add tea to your water bottle

    Being in the air and running from plane to train to taxi, we always forget to drink water. I love to add tea bags to my reusable water bottle to give it a bit of flavor and added antioxidants. Also, the only way to save your skin is to drink plenty of water. YogiTea makes some really tasty flavors that don’t just taste like green or black tea. Plus, if you have your own water bottle, you have no excuse to drink more. Just find a water fountain!

  4. get moving

    If I don’t move my body I always end up with an upset/out of sorts digestive situation when traveling. The last you could do it walk or run around the city you’ll be in. But see if you’re in a city with ClassPass or maybe a gym you’ve always wanted t try! A lot of places offer free or discounts for your first class anyway. If you don’t have access to a gym AT ALL: Turn that hotel/guest room into a workout studio. One of the other reasons I love streaming is because you can do it anywhere, anytime. I will usually bring some of my P.volve equipment with me and do a quick workout before the day starts. (Try is for 30 days free with code PVOLVEWILLIAMS)

  5. avoid stimulants and relax

    I try to only drink decaf before getting on a plane. If you have a fear of flying coffee can make your feel 10x worse! Some things I like to do to help me relax on a flight is download a happy playlist on Spotify, grab a good magazine or book, some gum and my favorite gummy candies. SO find what relaxes you and be prepared so you’re not death-gripping the guy next to you!

  6. wear a jacket with pockets + slippers

    No, not your house slippers… but if you’re not fortunate enough to have TSA, a good pair of Steve Madden slip ons are great to get in and out of security! - just be sure to wear socks. Equally important is to wear a jacket with some deep pockets. I hate digging through my bag trying to find my ID, boarding pass, phone, credit card. I just put everything in my pockets until I get to the gate and then put it all away!

  7. stick to your routine

    Getting out of my routine always seems to bring on a lot of anxiety for me so I try to stick to it as much as possible so I still feel 100%! If you take vitamins everyday, bring them. If you have a specific skincare routine, pack it up and keep doing it. These little habits you’ve formed at home, will help you still feel like yourself while traveling.

  8. avoid getting sick

    Getting sick while traveling is really the worst, even if it is just a sore throat. When I feel something coming on, I’m a big advocate of overly-consuming vitamins! - Mostly in veggie form:

    Shots, shots, shots! Lemon, ginger, turmeric shots are all great right when you wake up to give your immune system a boost without all the sugar.

    Manuka Honey Drops: I swear by these! They are on the pricier side, but I swear they knock out any sickness I feel coming on.

    Eating well: I know, kinda obvious. But cosuming more plant-based foods and avoiding processed snacks and meat will really help keep your immune system revved up.

  9. make it easy for yourself when you come home

    Do the laundry before you go, vacuum, tidy up. There is nothing worse than coming home from travels and having to clean your house before the week starts! Unpack immediately: Don’t let your dirty things sit, It’ll give you anxiety for days, leading to disorganization for the work week. Also try sweating it out! Hit hot yoga and go for a run. The boost in adrenaline will have you pumped and ready to be home instead of getting the blues.

  10. order your groceries for when you return

    It never fails, I come home from a trip and I just want a home-cooked meal but I have nothing but wilted kale and some nuts. If you can get a few basics like breakfast and dinner foods to get you through a couples meals until you can venture out. It’ll help you stay on track and staying healthy and keeps your body happy!

Have any good traveling hacks?? Let us know below.

xx, victoria

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