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why i got hair extensions + how to maintain them

why i got hair extensions + how to maintain them

hair extensions denver
hair extensions denver
hair extensions denver

Helllllllo ladies!! Happy whatever day you’re reading this!

I’ve been getting a lot of q’s and dm’s about my new extensions and wanted to write a blog post all about my experience so far! As most of you have probably seen on my Instagram, about a month ago I got extensions at Elle B Salon in Jefferson Park, Denver by the lovely, Jaimie Garcia. First off, let’s chat about Elle B. My overall experience in this salon is always above and beyond. They offer you wine, beer, tea, coffee upon checking in and are so attentive. The salon (there is also one in Lakewood I go to for color too! Thanks Jess! ;) is absolutely stunning and so luxurious-meets-industrial. I've shared some photos of the salon itself at the end of this post! 

the why

Soooo, I've been really looking into getting extensions for a while now and for few reasons. Back in HS I had the longest, curliest natural hair, but over the years I have KILLED it by changing the color and using heat products to diminish any and all curl I could find. Therefore, my hair now grows SO slow/breaks and doesn't gain length the way it used to. I have craved length for so long and figured if I don’t be selfish now and treat myself then I probably never would in the future. So I saved up and bit the bullet!

hair extensions denver

the extensions

I knew Elle B specialized in extensions so I was in good hands. I went in for a consultation where Jaimie got to see my hair and break down the type, quantity, price, and maintenance (because they are kind of like taking care of a pet!) We ended up going with 20” and 22” Micro Link Extensions by Bellami. These are extensions that are beaded into your hair in small sections mostly at the back of the head. Since the beads do show so it is difficult to put your hair up without seeing the beads. We matched the perfect color to my natural hair so I didn’t have to do any extra coloring which is obvi damaging. This is also one of the least damaging extensions out there. Once matched, we ordered about 5 packs and I scheduled my application appointment!

price + maintenance

Yes, most likely a salon will say "it depends on what you're looking for", but i totally get it. This is something that's so vast that you need to consult a stylist and see them in person for an exact price. It depends on how much hair you need, the length, the type of extensions…etc. I will say that you do have to pay for and order the hair and then pay for the process separately. I really liked this, as i didn’t have to shell out so much at once! Also don’t forget the upkeep, you will have to go in about ever 4-6 weeks to get them moved back up as they tend to slip or your hair grows out. This can cost $50-$100 depending on the salon.

hair extensions denver

the process

I liked that these didn’t take toooo long. I would count on spending around 2 hours in the salon chair which includes beading the extensions then styling them! Pretty simple and quick compared to other methods!

the lifespan

This can vary significantly on how you take care of your hair. Like i said, it’s basically a pet. It's extremely important to follow the instructions that your stylist gives you on care for hair extensions. They can last about 12 months which is great because it really is an investment in time and money!

what to expect

The first week your head will be sore. It’s a lot more weight than your scalp is used to but after that, they feel fine! Like i mentioned above, they may show a little, down hairstyles are your best friend. I can still do fun things like braids, ponies or half up styles, but I personally just like wearing it down. If you get 18” or more they will probably get caught on things! Mine get caught in my purse/backpack all the time. They are not very damaging and don’t thin out your hair like I thought they did, but I did notice that they pull on your natural hair a bit when styling or getting caught. I also had some pieces fall out, but I think that’s because the hair near my neck is way too thin and slipped out.

hair extensions denver

the care*

| washing |
+ Washing and conditioning should always be done with professional hair care products your stylist recommends. This is your first line of defense against damage and tangles.
+ Be sure to brush before showering to ensure all the tangles are out.
+ Always try to dry the roots of your hair extensions every time you wash.
+ No need to wash everyday, 2-3 times a week is plenty, dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend!
+ When you do wash don’t be afraid of the roots. You won’t pull them out we promise, wash all over your scalp to the ends.

| styling |
Blowdrying and styling is fine and can be done just like your natural hair. Just be sure to do these things to keep damage at bay
+ Too keep beads fresh and clean, dry the beads COMPLETELY with a blow dryer, don’t air dry.
+ Always use a blow dry heat protecting spray and oil on the extensions BEFORE drying.
+ Try not to use heat on the extensions more than 3-4 times a week
+ Always apply oil everyday even when dry.
+ Be sure to use a wet brush or scalp master brush when brushing the extensions as to not snag the root.

| sleeping + working out |
+ Always wear it in a braid, pony, or bun. You will thank us later when you aren’t ripping through tangles in the morning.
+ Try a satin pillow case if your natural hair tangles easily.
+ Working out is nothing to worry about just try not to wear tight headbands and ponytails for extended periods of time. (I tie mine up at the nape of my neck)

| pools + the beach |
Chlorine or salt water are VERY damaging to extensions of all kinds.
+ NEVER EVER let your extensions flow freely or unbound in any way in chlorine or salt water, this will result in a tangled mess that will not come undone.
+ Wet hair in a shower or with clean fresh water before your jump in
+ Apply conditioner and leave in.
+ Apply oil from ears down
+ Place hair in a low pair of braids, twists or ponytails. You can do one or two.
+ At this point wear all day until done with pools or beaches.
+ DO NOT remove braids or twists till you are in the shower and they have been rinsed in fresh water.
+ Shampoo and condition like normal and follow styling tips from above.

* All care instructions provided by stylists at Elle B

my overall thought and experience

I'm so happy that I decided to go through with getting them! I think they are 100% worth every penny especially if you're into the look of having longer, thicker hair! I've dreamt of having this hair since I was in high school and Elle B Salon and Jaimie Garcia made allll those dreams come true!! I feel like a mermaid and I can’t wait to have them in all of my bridal events!  

xx, victoria

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