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prioritizing date night + denver date night ideas

prioritizing date night + denver date night ideas


From the moment Noah and I started to get to know each other we made dating a priority. Of course when you’re dating, “dating” is a must. You don’t live together, you try to impress each other so naturally you get out and do fun things together! But when you move in together you think technically every night alone together will be a ‘date night’! You don’t have to work super hard to find time alone together when you live together. But as life starts to enter your relationship and romance takes a back seat, we’ve realized how important this “us time” is for our relationship.


Noah and I are now super fortunate in that we are home together most nights and some weekend, but it wasn’t always like this.  Noah and I lived apart for a little over a year (me in Colorado and him in Florida) and when he finally did move here, he was working most nights and sleeping all day. So, now we get to spend A LOT more time together which I love.

We have really tried to prioritize + set aside one night a week for a ‘date night’. Of course this looks different for every date night, but for us it usually looks like getting relatively dressed up and looking good for each other, not being on our phones, and going out to bar hop, or a restaurant that we’ve wanted to try! Sometimes we also like to grab some wine or beer and just watch a movie at home or talk around a table of hor d’oeuvres.


Why I think prioritizing this date night is important.

it’s really easy to just slip into a comfortable coast especially while living together. And yes, part of the beauty of living with your partner is being comfortable with each other! But when you prioritize a date night it reminds you to continue to pursue each other, to keep the romance and passion there. You talk about things other than bills, or the house, or kids. It reminds you to still dress up and look nice for your partner and want to impress them.

I also think setting a “date night” is important because you will be less likely to reschedule it and continue the tradition when you do have kids or life get's crazy. If you make it a habit of spending this one-on-one quality time with each other at least once a week really early on, I think you’ll continue to prioritize this time!

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Now, let’s talk date night spots in Denver

| Drinks |

Green Russell | We LOVE this spot for a good cocktail. It is a speakeasy where they create your own cocktail based on what you’re in the mood for. Sweet, spicy, smokey, citrus; they can create it for you and it will probably be the best thing you’ve ever had.

Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery | This urban winery is super eclectic - think, cool hipster’s library with an amazing wine collection. During the warmer months we love to sit on their patio with a bottle of wine and our pups.

Blue Moon Taproom | There is way more to this brewery than just a White Belgian-style ale. This is a very experimental taproom. You’ll see beers like Iced Coffee Blonde, Blackberry Tart Ale and Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout, to name a few! If you don’t share a flight, you’re doing it wrong.

Postino Wine Cafe | This wine cafe/bar probably has the best HH deals I’ve seen in Denver. Most of their wines are $5 a glass before 5p! And they are GOOD wines, not that boxed junk you get for most happy hours. Plus the interior is so moody, it’s perfect for date night.

The Block Distilling Co | This spot is pretty new but offers some really great cocktails in an intimate space. It’s great if you want to have a simple dirty martini before dinner and everything there is made there so if you like their liquor, you can take home one of their chic little bottles.

| Dinner |

Linger | One of the first places we went to in Denver and it has never been a disappointment! They have an amazing happy hour, rooftop hang, and of course the food is top noch! It’s great for vegans and meat-lovers to dine and enjoy.

Uno Mas | We discovered this place while I was living in Capitol Hill and for how it looks very casual and simple but the food is anything but! Their tacos are fairly priced and they have the best mushroom tacos I’ve had. Oh, and the guac and margs are a great compliment to them!

Izakaya Den / Sushi Den / Ototo | These locations are all next door to each other and owned by the same owner BUT the dishes are all different! These are our go-to special occasion spots because Japanese food is my favorite and I know these places won’t disappoint!

City O’ City | Probably the most popular hipster spot in Denver. It an all vegetarian diner-style restaurant and they have everything you could imagine! Waffles for dinner? Ok! It’s the perfect fun and casual spot to try some veggie-centered comfort food. Just make sure you grab some cookies after because they are heavenly!

Vital Root | Yes, another veg head restaurant because they are just too good! This fast casual spot had a great mix of casual, yet an elevated food experience. I love this place for breakfast/brunch date to change it up. Their quinoa pancakes and avocado toast are the best items IMO.

| Dessert |

Little Man Ice Cream | If you know, you know! Little man is known for it’s milk jug-shaped building and line around the block. If you can get there early, you should be able to make it before the line gets too long. It’s creamy and delicious and the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had!

Vital Root | So nice, I had to add it twice! I love baked goods for a simple treat and if I’m near vital root, I’ll grab a quick cookie or brownie to take home and snack on while we watch Netflix.


Hope these were some good date night places to get you started in Denver! If you have any places we should try, please comment them below!

xx, victoria

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