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my p.volve 90 day challenge experience: what is it?

I am mostly writing this blog post to keep myself accountable because I have had such a lack of motivation lately! But it’s time I start to feel my best. I think women’s bodies are always under the public eye these days (too this or too that) and TBH our bodies are a very personal thing– every woman’s body is different and you have to do what is right and healthy for you.

apple watch series 4 review

I have been (jealously) eyeing everyone with an Apple Watch for well over a year now. I always thought I was someone who didn’t need another tech accessory or the whole world on my wrist. But after a week of using my Apple Watch (i have the 40mm in rose gold), I gotta say I am OBSESSED. It’s way more than just a convenience or an accessory, it truly has become a necessity for me!

P.volve review: i tried this victoria's secret model workout & here's what i thought

I started doing P.volve on and off for about 3ish months and instantly fell in love! A little about my workout background is one that was always obsessive and I firmly believed if I didn't sweat or get my heart rate above 130, it didn't count. I had been big into Kayla's BBG program, running, Pure Barre, Cycling and nothing really gave me the body type I wanted. I had strong, bulky thighs from cycling and pure barre, I had achy knees from running and BBG and I had nothing close to a feminine body. (not saying there is anything  wrong with a strong female body and I am SO grateful to be able to do those workouts, but it wasn't working for my goals)

living an active lifestyle

I've been living in Colorado for almost 2 years and if there is one thing I have notices about this state is that everyone that lives here is super active and I love it! I feel like i have found my people. It's one of my favorite things about Denver and it seems to just come so naturally to everyone here. Noah and I will bike to HH or take the pups on nice long hikes in the mountains... with 300 days of sunshine it basically make you want to be outside! 

studio review: NEW flywheel union station

Flywheel has hit Downtown Denver! 

I wanted to see what all the hype was about around this cycling studio and how it stood out from all the others here in Denver. So last week I tried out their Method45 class twice and yesterday I tried out FlyFIT (real F*%!ING hot) HIIT class. So here is my honest review about the hotness new fitness studio to hit the Denver scene!