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monday realness: 3 ways to help with anxiety

monday realness: 3 ways to help with anxiety


let's be real

I posted yesterday on instastories how my anxiety/depression takes over my mind A LOT. and it got me thinking how more and more people are talking about anxiety and how it effects the way we work, act and live our lives. I think it's interesting too how it seems to hit us all as we become adults. Whether it's around socializing, succeeding or just trying to be perfect, it's become a huge struggle for most adults.

It makes everything harder

I do believe it is possible to overcome anxiety and I have a variety of tools in my toolbox when it does creep up, but I am still a little skeptical that one can be "cured" of anxiety or depression. As I have worked through my triggers and have seen a therapist (highly highly recommend this if you believe you're suffering from anxiety/depression) I can admit that I still do get anxious over very odd and random things unexpectedly which can be almost paralyzing. You see, when you have anxiety, you're whole mind either shuts down or becomes hyper aware of a specific situation. You can't think, sleep or sometimes even breathe until that situation is resolved. Everything immediately get's in the way or becomes an obstacle on the way to you're mind's satisfaction. 


it's all about feeling things

Let's about is how anxiety feels...or rather what happens when we don't feel. Obvi, everyone is going to interpret anxiety differently. Some experience nothing more than feeling stressed or nervous... and this isn't the level I am talking about. Those people will most likely say "just chill out" "relax" "have a drink" or "sleep on it" but with anxiety, you can't. Anxiety is so much more than feeling nervous. Yes, anxiety mentally disruptive but it physically debilitates you as well.

When feeling an overwhelming amount of anxiety, your senses are dialed up to level 10. (Imagine you had about 10 cups of coffee within an hour!) You can feel very in tune to one thing, almost obsessive or you can feel restless. You're shaking, pacing, panting. You are either too focus on a task that if it doesn't get completed you may have a panic attack or your mind keeps jumping from one thing to the next. Your body feels hot and faint. The worst it the inability to sleep due to the adrenaline pumping through your body. You feel a sense of dread- unable to do anything you typically enjoy doing until you can relieve whatever is causing the anxious feeling. You might even experience thoughts of self-doubt. Such as, "I can't do this. Why am I like this? This is all my fault. How can I fix this" 

you are not alone.

Anxiety sucks. And for so many years I thought it was an excuse for psychs to drug people up. But I now understand It's something that you can't control, but you can try prepare yourself with the tools needed to fix it. So, here's my advice that has worked for me: 



Let's start with preventing anxiety in the first place. This takes a lot of self-awareness and acknowledging your triggers. For me personally, my anxiety is usually triggered by events whether it be too many tasks at work or the need to exercise. Understand what your triggers are and be aware of how you react to them. If I can avoid those moments or prepare myself mentally for them, I am way more apt to be calm and work through them then allowing my anxiety to take over.


Taking time for yourself every morning to prepare your mind for what lies ahead can really keep anxiety at bay. It's important to be in tune with what's really important in life. I love to start my mornings with a devotion and reading God's promises. This reminds me where my worth comes from and that everything I allow to work me up doesn't really matter. 


It doesn't even matter if you don't know what is making you feel this way, it is soooo important to talk it out. I recommend finding a therapist you trust and connect with but start with finding someone you trust and simply tell them how you feel. A lot of the time, they might even have the same feelings you do! If you know what is giving you anxiety, confide in them. Let them know. I think most people tend to isolate themselves and hold feelings in, until the anxiety takes over. So let's try to avoid that!

Or, talk to me! Mental health is as normal as breaking a bone. It's important to talk about it and seek help for it. One thing I wish I learned earlier was that I didn't have to live with it like I was. There were ways to combat it, and you can too!

Bonus Tip :: Avoid caffeinated coffee! Try switching to decaf and see how it helps. Coffee can really increase my anxiety before I have even left the house. 

xx, victoria


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