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house buying tips + tricks

house buying tips + tricks


EXCITING NEWS: In case you aren’t on social media, Noah and I are on the hunt for our first house! 

Now this is my first time having even considered buying a home (working for Whole Foods doesn't get you a whole lotta dough to save for one...) and I honestly had no idea what this process even looked like. It is nothing like finding an apartment. 

It’s honestly just been a whirlwind since we've gotten engaged, and we figured what's more fun than a wedding? Buying a house for you new little family! If you live in Denver (or any other hot city right now) you'll probably have a better idea of how the market works but before you start looking for that dream-worthy house, I thought I’d share a few of the tips I've learned across the way in case you are also looking to purchase a new home! 


| start saving ASAP |

You never know when you'll move into that stage of life to purchase a new home and you can never have too much cash stashed away. I was very surprised by all of the tiny fees that can add up when buying a home and God forbid you need to do upgrades once you find your dream home. 

| get pre-approved | 

Getting pre-approved allows you to understand how much you can actually afford. It would realllllly suck to fall in love with a house that is outside of your budget. It's also a waste of time to look because if you can't put in an offer on a place, it could be gone tomorrow!


| create a must-haves list |

Always put your needs before your wants! This was/is the hardest for me overcome. Do i need a gas stove with dual ovens? Not really. If you find a house that meets most of your needs and a few of your wants, then that's most likely going to be your new home! You can always add those wants later. 

| expectation vs. reality |

 It's very easy to get our hopes up on a place but if you live in a hot market it's very easy for homes to get swept up under your feet with crazy big offers. It's important not to feel disappointed when you don't get the house you were hoping for. That just means there is something better out there! 


| pros + cons |

try to keep a log of the homes your visiting and making note of the pros and cons of each. Is it in the neighborhood you like? Updated kitchen? See how many checkboxes get filled as you tour homes. This way it will be easier to remember when you are evaluating each home. But also most people have told us, "When you know, you know!"

So if you are in the same boat as us and are on the hunt or just dreaming and pinning away new home ideas – I hope this helps! It’s such a fun process and I wish you the best of luck with your new home adventure.

All images via  Pexels

All images via Pexels

Please leave any tips for fellow readers in the comments below! We'd all love to know!

xx, victoria

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