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what to wear to work

what to wear to work


What better day to write a post about style at the office than a Monday? And what better time to write this post than the day before I start MY NEW JOB? 

Whether you have your brand new job (or internship) or you're just sick of wearing the same things over and over and over (guilty) I am hoping to inspire you to feel motivated and ready to strut your stuff in the workforce! Rule numero uno is always; It's always better to be over dressed than under dressed.


| Dress Codes |

Now this is especially important on the first day, but don't start slacking on day 2 or day 2,002. Looking put together not only represents YOU, but your company. Most companies have a dress code and HR will let you know what that is, but if not, it's ok to ask. I learned this from private school... BUT It's not so much about your personal style as it is about representing your company in a positive way. You can still incorporate your personal style into outfits, just make sure your clothes fit with your workplace.

| Business Casual |

If you're still completely clueless as to what to wear, business casual is the standard dress code that most workplaces abide by. You can also get ideas on what standards they have by seeing what your peers/bosses wear daily. Of course there are no set guidelines to this dress code, but in general, business casual can be understood as a slightly less formal version of professional dress (like a full on suit with stockings and heels).

For example, in a business casual office you can wear dress pants and a nice top. Still formal, but not as restricted.

| Casual Office Attire |

If you happen to have a job at Google or something, your attire may be labeled as "Casual." Now I highly doubt Google employees break out their tank tops, flip flops and mini skirts! With a casual dress code I would go for pieces like denim, flats, and longer skirts (not very high above the knee) You're still representing the company and need to keep your look classy and polished if you want to be taken seriously.

| Don't Forget Hair + Make Up |

You can never go wrong with keeping hair neat, clean and off of your face. It's best to save the pink hair extensions for the weekend. The workplace isn't time to experiment and it's also not smart to roll out of bed without touching it! My fave go-to look when I don't have time to do my hair is a simple top knot with some cute earrings to distract from the dry shampoo. 

The secret to a great office makeup look is to make it seem like you're not wearing any. No crazy colors or glitter. Keep it mature and professional with neutrals, light foundation, and maybe a colorful lip during the holidays if you have a casual setting. You deff don't want your face to scream "I'm wearing makeup!" 

Be sure to leave a comment if you have any thoughts on your ideal office wardrobe!

xx, victoria

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