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how to ace a job interview

how to ace a job interview

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I posted recently on the ‘gram that I just landed a new job as a Digital Designer! (yay)

But something that I always stress over is the interview process. I think I can build a pretty good resume, cover letter and can make myself sound good on paper. But being grilled in front of a group of people just feels soooo uncomfortable!

I had psyched myself out prior to the interview but once it was over I honestly felt so confident. And I think that can be the key to it all. Confidence. I’ve had many an interviews but I’ve also been a part of many interview panels where I had the chance to be on the other end of the table. This has allowed me to learn a lot about how people translate themselves through their voice, body language, and experiences. Since I have been on both ends, I wanted to give you guys some tips for a successful job interview.


Bring The Goods |

It doesn't matter if they saw your resume + portfolio before you arrived. It's always best practice to bring it with you to discuss experience. It also shows that you're always prepared and organized!

Dress The Part | 

If you want to work in finance or law, wear a sleek suit (try this 2 Piece Slim Suit). If you’re applying to a creative position, show it by adding a little fun to your outfit (with something like this Calvin Klein Baby Blue Blazer). Always always always dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Be Early | 

I wouldn't even say be on time. I think being early shows your eagerness and how much you value their time. No one wants to work with someone they can't rely on to be their when needed.

Be You |

I honestly think I attribute most job offers to this. Be profesh, but talk like you normally would. Be energetic and show you are a positive team player. Share some things about your personal life so they can really feel connected to you!

Show How You Can Help |

Do some research and find out what they company needs from you and prove to them that you can solve their problem. If it's a design challenge, show them a design you created. If it's an analytics issue, show how you have increased numbers before. This helps them visualize you on the team.

| It's OK To Pause | 

You don’t have to rush every answer. You can take a sip of water, gather your thoughts and then answer a difficult question. Also if you don’t have the answer, explain why instead of saying "uh, I don't know." 

Ask About Them |

Interviews don't have to be a one-way street. Asking questions shows you’re interested in the company and position. I love ones like "What is the company culture like?" "What would the day-to-day look like for this position?" "What type of professional development do you offer?" or even "What is the next step?"

| Thank You's Go A Long Way |

If you aren't offered a job the same day or after, don’t forget to send a follow up email. A modern day email will be just fine, but a handwritten note can speak volumes.

I would love to hear your interview tips below! What are some job interview tips you have?

xx, victoria


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