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current obsessions: july

current obsessions: july

August is finally here. And I don’t know if it’s just me but once August hit I feel like we’re on a fast track to fall. Back to school stuff starts popping up everywhere along with more jewel and warm tones. I definitely feel bittersweet about fall co,info because I LOVE fall but not winter and once fall ends winter kind of feels endless! But, I’m getting ahead of myself! So let’s change the topic. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite discoveries from July with y’all. These are the things I am loving lately and can’t get enough of!


Gg Crackers: these crackers have finally hit Denver and I was so excited to see them at Whole Foods Cherry Creek. TBH, they taste awful... but they are filled with tons of fiber and keep me full all. day. long. I usually top mine with avocado and bluebs.

No Cow Bar: found these vegan bars at Sprouts and they aren’t the best bars I’ve ever had but they are definitely one of the cleanest!

Miykos Vegan Mozz: I know, this isn’t a new product but I finally gave it a shot and well worth it! So good on pizza, pasta, or in a Caprese salad with fig vin. (Ok, drooling now)

Cauli Gnocchi: if you haven’t tried Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi get in your car and go now. This was so melt-in-your-mouth good and a great sub for the potato based pasta.


Pvolve: Pvolve is an online streaming workout based in NYC. and it is nothing like any workout you have done before! The workouts are very “prehab” based and focus on the functionality of the muscles, specifically the butt and hips. It’s low intensity but works your body in ways I have never experienced!

Leggings with pockets: my new must have in life? Leggings with pockets. Game. Changer. I’m severely minimalistic. Like I hate carrying a big purse or even a wallet so if I can throw my phone and a few cards in my leggings then I am a happy chick. These, these, and these are great! 

Beauty + Apparel

Mineral fusion concealer: I found this like two days ago but I had to share because I have never witnessed a concealer that makes all my blemishes go away like this one! I like that it comes in two shades (for summer & winter skin) and makes me feel so confident. I no longer focus on that big zit on my chin because no one can see it. Yay!

Trader Joe’s hair mask: this was my first TJ’s beauty purchase and I was pleasantly surprised! This mask leaves my (severely damaged bleached) hair super soft and manageable. It was also super cheap so it will deff be my go-to when I don’t feel like splurging on a $20 hair mask. Another great option is DIY your hair mask. I recently found this great article on Jen Reviews with some great DIY hair masks. I can’t wait to try the Coconut + Apple Cider Vinegar mask!

Gap lounge shorts: one thing I have come to enjoy in my mid 20s in pjs. A girl has gotta look cute while she sleeps, right?! That have a ton of cute patterns and breathe great during the warmer temps. I also really love these and these!


Lighting: we just purchased this unique pendant light and it’s a simple little fix for the lack of  lighting. I love the different colors it comes in and industrial vibes it has.

IKEA Shelves: simple, chic, minimal. Yes please! I love the affordability of these shelves and how they really tie our home together.

Plants: cause plants make everything better. Enough said. My fave picks are below!



What have been your faves this summer?! Would love to hear!

xx, Victoria

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