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5 things to consider before planning a wedding

5 things to consider before planning a wedding

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Congratulations to the many other soon-to-be brides out there! Isn't it so exciting and possibly slightly nerve-wracking that we now get to plan a wedding!? At least, for me it is! I honestly had no idea where to start.

So don’t be intimidated, apparently wedding planning is nowhere near as stressful as we may have been led to believe. But I am hoping we can go through this journey together and I wanted to start with a wedding planning checklist that Noah and I have found to get ourselves on track and enjoy the process because this is suppose to be fun, right?!

Photo by  Katlyn Marie

Photo by Katlyn Marie

Photo by Katlyn Marie

Photo by Katlyn Marie

before the wedding planning

| Take Time For Yourself | 

 The next few months (or year) are supposed to be incredibly fun! You'll start to get big ideas and imagine what the big day is supposed to look like. But, I suggest you and your new fiancé have a few weeks of calm. You have found a partner worth doing life with  forever,  this is a momentous occasion – worth savoring. 

Here is a little question you and your future spouse should ask – what are your wedding planning intentions? Use The Knot or get a little wedding notebook and write your thoughts and purpose down. This way, when you start to feel a little of the pressure of wedding planning, remind yourself of those intentions you both set. You can also come back to it in later years when times get tough!

| Announce Your Engagement after a few days |

Noah and I waited a day to tell the world and it was the best decision we made! You don’t have to announce it right away. I will say, it was so nice to enjoy the moment between the two of us. Because as soon as we announced it, the swarm of questions and prodding and story-telling began (not that I didn't LOVE talking about it, it was just overwhelming) You could also use the time to plan out a fun way to announce it too! Maybe get some profesh photos taken, fly home and surprise your fam, or something. In this day and age we rush to do everything, so take your time!

Photo by  Linsey Roman

Photo by Linsey Roman

| It's you and your fiancé's wedding |

Before discussing any wedding plans with mom and dad or your best girlfriends, discuss with just your fiancé the vision you both have. Do you both want a big wedding or a small one? Who is paying for this thing? You have GOT to keep communication lines open and clear, besides you guys are only getting married once (I hope) so include them in the process. One of the hardest thing about wedding planning (I've discovered) is negotiating and managing family relationships and expectations, so discuss and agree with your partner before you cross that bridge. Oh, and remember: it's your wedding and you don't have to please anyone besides you and your fiancé!

| remember what's important |

Priorities People! Remind yourself what your engagement (and wedding) is really about. Looooooove. We so often think that getting married or planning a wedding looks more like that of Hollywood or a Royal Wedding (NEWS FLASH: it prob won't look like that at all) Plus, it's is not necessarily what weddings are about.

Pinterest, The Knot, and wedding mags can be a great source of inspiration, but can also cause unrealistic expectations. Your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment. So don’t feel the pressure to plan a wedding according to what you think it’s supposed to look like. Plan a wedding that’s just right for you, however small and simple.

Photo by  Lindsey Roman

Photo by Lindsey Roman

| get help | 

And lastly, you don't have to do it on your own! There are so many great resources out there. Check out some website (other than Pinterest) I plan on using to get started below:

 The Knot for basically everything

Zola for registry

Wedding Wire for the bride who doesn't know where to start

 Carats & Cake for vendors

 The Venue Report for venues

UberEVENTS for an alternative to shuttle busses

Wedding Happy for having a wedding planner in your pocket for many many articles and resources

Photo by  Lindsey Roman

Photo by Lindsey Roman


Hope this helps get you off the ground to planning a wedding without all the stress! Comment any tips below if you're in the middle of wedding planning too.

xx, victoria 

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