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boulder adventures + my boulder recs

boulder adventures + my boulder recs


If you take a peep at my instagram, it’s pretty obvious that Noah and I are live in Denver, Colorado. I mean we’re kind of obsessed with this state. But when I had originally wanted to take a leap of faith and move 2,000 mi away from home, I wanted to be in Boulder, Colorado. There was just something so magical about this place and the towering mountains right next to the city. Thankfully we aren’t too far and still frequent the city and mountains once or twice a month.


Hiking Recs:

The Flatirons

One of my go-to’s and everyone else’s for that matter! These are the famous mountains you see jutting out of the city and they are really nature’s perfect playground. The hikes range from easy to intense but it’s fun just to walk around and explore. You also don’t really have to worry about getting lost because there are SO many hikers, just ask someone how to get back to the parking lot.

Mount Sanitas

This was the first hike I did in Boulder and it didn’t disappoint! It was however like climbing a stair master. I’d consider it short and sweet (if you like hikes on the tougher side at least). You can see ALL of Boulder from this hike and it has a fairly easy route back down to the bottom.

Green Mountain

Every time I do this hike i under estimate the difficulty of it. The first portion is almost completely in the blistering sun, so if you go in the Summer bring sunscreen, snacks and a hat and get ready to get sweaty! But the views are worth this intense climb. You can see Boulder and the whole Rockies, it is just breath taking.

Bear Mountain

NGL, I did this hike before a concert once and it killed me! It’s about 2,000 ft of elevation gain if I remember and get’s pretty technical near the top. It’s pretty similar to Green Mountain in it’s terrain and elevation but the views are 10x better. At the top you get a 360 degree view of Boulder and the Rocky Mountain Range.



Wonder Press

Cafe and juice bar in one is my kind of place! Wonder Press has everything a health foodie could need; variety of beautiful colored juices, warm schmancy lattés, smoothies, and light food choices. Ugh, I’m craving it now!

Boxcar Coffee

Looking for a trendy, moody coffee roaster in Boulder? You found it and so did everyone else. Boxcar Coffee Roaster will probably always be busy with freelancers and meetings but the coffee is worth it! You won’t find a creamier almond milk latté in Boulder.

Ozo Coffee

Ozo is pretty famous in the coffee scene around the Denver/Boulder area. You’ll find their coffee at almost ever grocery store and in all the local brewery’s stouts and porters. But be sure to hit the café too! Their coffee is flavorful and they put a lot of care into their roasts.

The Laughing Goat

Saved the best for last! Now there is nothing aesthetically appealing to this The Laughing Goat but it’s so damn good! The attention to detail is just the best and they are so quick to get your order out to you. It’s my favorite place to pop into while shopping downtown and just enjoy a good cup of coffee without all the frills and trend.


Restaurants Recs:


I’m not the biggest taco gal, but Bartaco changed that! They have so many great taco options as well as apps that are so tasty. This is a great place to come with a group or for date night (I always make Noah go here when we are in Boulder for the day)

Get the: Any taco, really! Guac, Plantains, and Civiché

Boulder Baked

Not a restaurant per se…but Boulder Baked had to be added to this list because it’s so good and a great place to stop after a night out in Boulder! By far the best fresh baked vegan cookie I have had in my life! And they do more than cookies; cupcakes, cakes and even grilled cheese can be made-to-order.

Get the: Vegan cookies


I thought Zeal had closed but come to find out, they are just relocating to a new location slated to open Summer of 2019. (Thank goodness) They also have a new location in DTC (Denver Tech Center) and a food truck. I love this restaurant for good quality protein and hearty bowl fit for all wellness beings. Perfect healthy treat post-hike!

Get the: Bowls or veggie burger and desserts

Flower Child

Okay, okay. I know Flower Child is basically everywhere else in the world BUT we finally got one in Colorado and it is by far my favorite restaurant rn. Like Zeal, they have really great bowls and proteins from good sources and it is super plant-based! Win-win.

Get the: Allllll the sides, the vegan poké or the Mother Earth bowl


I honestly could make a list of way more places that I am loving in Boulder but I’ll leave it here with my top faves! Boulder is becoming so trendy with a million options so you just can’t go wrong!

Also this is basically my uniform for hiking and prancing around the mountains in the early/late summer. A good striped hoodie is a great basic for any athleisure look that I think never goes out of style. So lightweight, really flattering, and I love the pop of color. I’m also a big proponent of tight fitting shorts for summer and love the movability they provide! They go with any fun, athletic top and I’m from Florida, so I will find any reason to show a little leg! ;)

Thanks for reading y’all! Hope you had a great weekend!

xx, victoria

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