Victoria Morse

About Victoria

Born in California & raised in Florida; fiancé and lover of health, fitness, travel and life. I went to school to be an art teacher, but later worked as a Graphic Designer for Whole Foods Market. Always following my dreams, I moved to Denver in Fall 2016.

A little bit about me: graduated from FAU in 2014, met the love of my life, Noah in May of 2015, and currently living in Denver, CO. Dog mom to the sweetest Dalmatian mix, Adeline. I am a believer and my faith in Christ is the foundation of my life. I’m a workout junkie and love being active, but I’m also a big foodie with a bigger sweet tooth. Traveling, adventures, baby husky puppies, and everything turquoise are my favorite things.

I realize that life does not come easy to women in this day any age, so I hope this blog becomes a place of acceptance to be inspired. Or, that it at least inspires you to be creative with yourself and love the women you are. I believe that beauty lies in more than appearance and I’m passionate about each woman finding her beauty and security in Christ – because He is the only thing that will ever satisfy any longing you have. I strive to find my identity in Christ, and then radiate that identity with passion and joy, and live every day to the fullest.